Why choose Macaco Slacklines?

We developed Macaco Slacklines to deal with the issue of overpriced and heavy slacklines on the market.  We also wanted something that looked cool so we developed the brand with the distinctive vine print along the length of the line and gave them that little bit of extra length to provide more options for set up.

There are four models in the Macaco Family:

  • Classic Line:  50mm x 16m.  3ton line with 5ton ratchet
  • Long Line:  50mm x 26m.  3ton line with 5ton ratchet
  • Travel Line:  50mm x 11m.  2ton line with 3ton ratchet
  • Trick Line:  50mm x 16m.  4ton line with 5ton ratchet

We only sell Slacklines wholesale so we never compete with our customers.

Responsible design

We've only got one planet so we believe we should look after it.  Not only this but a world with less trees means less possible places to slackline!  

  • All Macaco boxes are made from recycled cardboard
  • Eco cotton carry bags

Most slacklines come with nasty nylon bags that not only look bad but are really bad for the environment, we replaced these with eco-cotton bags...they cost us a bit more but it's the right thing to do, and that's why we do it.


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