Macaco 16m Classic Line

Macaco Classic Line 16m 3.0t - The best selling slackline for beginners

The Macaco Classic line is our most popular line and the BEST SELLING SLACKLINE for beginners IN THE UK, USA and JAPAN.

Slacklining is the perfect outdoor activity for camping or for getting the kids outside away from iPads.  Whether you are camping, visiting the beach or going on holiday at only 2.09kg the Classic Slackline is a healthy activity you can take anywhere.

The 50mm width makes it perfect for beginners and the 3 tonne strength means it’s still suitable for adults progressing to more advanced tricks. Because the 16m length is 1m longer than most beginner lines you can set up the Macaco Classic line in more places.

The affordable price and grippy, durable pattern makes the Macaco Classic the best selling slackline for beginners.