Macaco 26m Longline

Macaco 26m 3.0t Long Line - The big one!

The Long Line is the best slackline for wide trees or challenging yourself over really long distances.  It uses the same slack webbing at the Classic Line but it comes with 26m length and an extra long handle ratchet for extra tension.  

Slacklining is the perfect outdoor activity for camping or for getting the kids outside away from iPads.  The 26m length is 1m longer than most long lines so you can set up the Macaco Long line in more places.

The 50mm width makes it perfect for beginners and the 3 tonne strength means it’s still suitable for adults progressing to more advanced tricks.  

At 3.7kg the Long line is heavier than both the Classic and Travel lines but ideal for taking camping, to the park or visiting the beach.

Macaco® have been making slacklines since 2011 with the belief that slacklining should be for everyone. Our philosophy is simple; we provide quality products with distinctive designs at accessible prices and make changes to lessen our environmental impact where possible. For example, we’ve replaced the horrible nylon carry bags with 100% natural cotton and we make sure all packaging is FSC certified.