Slacklining Between Two Icefalls

Awesome report By Planetmountain

Along the lines of “don’t do this at home”, we’re reporting somewhat stunned about this slackline, perhaps better defined as iceline, rigged between two icefalls above Grenoble in France. Highline pro’s Lukas Irmler and Pablo Signoret teamed up with Julien Fernandez, Lucas Laporte, Nico Rebert, Pierre Chauffour and Theo Rafael and spent five days preparing this 430-meterlong, 170 high slackline.

When asked about belays, the German athlete Irmler told they had anchored the ropes to five Abalakovs on each side, and backed these up with ropes clipped to some existing in-situ bolts. In any case it can’t be underlined enough: don’t even think about repeating this feat!

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