Our Story

Macaco Slacklines was established with the belief that slacklining should be for everyone.  Our philosophy is simple; we provide quality products with distinctive designs at accessible prices…

“I founded in Macaco Slacklines in 2011 after my girlfriend (now wife) and I went to stay in an Eco Camp in the mountains of Slovenia.  They had a slackline set up so I gave it a try… I couldn’t manage more than a couple of steps but I was instantly addicted and determined to walk along the line before going home.  I managed it with zero style and bit of luck…”

“When we returned home I went straight online to buy a slackline and was shocked at how expensive they were (£50).  It irritated me that the price made a healthy activity inaccessible for many people so I set out to solve the problem and Macaco Slacklines was born.”

Tobias Hardy, Founder & CEO

Since then Macaco Slacklines has evolved to focus on the importance of Balance.  While providing quality products with distinctive designs at accessible prices will always be at our core, our purpose is to help restore balance to our world.

Balance for Body, Mind and Soul!